Placement insight, on-demand

Better manage your business and optimize your insurance policy placement with an innovative data-led approach.

By match-making your AMS data with your carrier partners’ underwriting appetite, Broker Insights helps to strengthen relationships and deliver operational efficiencies. Our data-led approach gets you seen by your carrier partners, streamlines engagement and gives you the insight to optimize your policy placement.


Make informed, data-driven placement decisions to maximize your deals.

Our solution intelligently matches client renewal data with partner carrier’s underwriting appetites on a case-by-case basis, reducing time wasted on ‘out-of-appetite’ proposals and signposting placement opportunities with strategic partners.

Senior staff are able to explore placement activity and inform strategic decisions, to help ensure business is placed within preferred markets and deals are maximized.


Work smarter, more efficiently, and communicate in context with insurers.

By enabling you to ‘see’ insurer appetites and by providing carrier partners with an anonymized view of client data, you can identify opportunities and use our technology to make direct connections with insurers.


Improve your team’s performance while mitigating E&O risks.

Complementing your existing solutions, our solution’s data visualization tools help to inform strategic placement decisions and maximize carrier programs.

Centralized data views also help with individual staff performance management, driving efficiency gains, mitigating E&O risks, and helping managers improve their team’s performance.


Improve market engagement and help maximize both profitability and customer outcomes.  

Signposting placement opportunities helps you review your renewal book and pipeline, streamline your proposal processes, and manage insurer deal alignment.

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