Limited by time-consuming, fragmented systems and traditional distribution methods, the insurance industry has been slow to take advantage of digital opportunities and data-led insight.  Our unique, market-leading capability transforms insurer distribution and broker placement by matching insurer risk appetites and brokers’ customer risk profile data.

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What our partners say

Broker Insights’ innovative platform helps deliver stronger connectivity between local independent brokers and insurers...supporting local brokers and providing quality products and excellent service to them and their customers. The platform is geared towards providing a digital and data-led solution which enables the right conversations to take place and at the right time.
Deepak Soni, Director of Commercial Intermediary, AXA
We believe that Broker Insights will help us with our strategy to support regional brokers and enable us to be proactive in talking to them about opportunities where we can use our specialism to benefit their clients. This is a practical application of Insurtech, it will improve efficiency for everyone and enhance the customer experience for brokers and their clients.
Adrian Saunders, Commercial Director, Ecclesiastical
Joining Broker Insights has been a catalyst in re-igniting our relationship with some insurers where our engagement had become dormant.  With insurers able to contact us to outline their added value proposition and position themselves in relation to specific prospects and industries, we have re-opened doors which had seemed closed to us for years.
Alan Johnstone, Director, Greenwood Moreland
We are developing our product set for SME clients from eTrade capabilities to our SME Trading team and the development of schemes. To this end, we recognise the distribution and insight capability that Broker Insights provide and believe that the platform will transform our ability to reach more regional brokers who service clients within our target sectors.
Jonathan Forster, SME Distribution Director, Travelers
We have recently joined the platform and are seeing results already - we have placed our own fleet policy with QBE following a Note of Interest sent via the Broker Insights platform.  This has saved us £10k in premium and we have also placed another £10k fleet policy with QBE on the back of the new relationship.
David McGowan, Managing Director, Woodward Markwell
A fantastic platform run by great people. Broker Insights offers a big step forward into what trading can be like when the power of technology supports it.
Isha Patel, Area Director – South, Hiscox UK
Working with Broker Insights has been a real eye-opener for Movo. At a quick glance we can see everything from GWP, commission income, regional spread of our customers and also better understand what products and insurers are bringing success. The way the data is delivered back to us allows us a clear concise view of our whole business.  
Lea Cheesbrough, Managing Director, Movo
As brokers, the data we hold is one of the most valuable assets we have and needs to be used in a way that maximises its business potential. Broker Insights provides a unique market-leading opportunity to achieve this.
Mark Bennett, CEO, Bennett Christmas Insurance Brokers
Broker Insights provide real focus to our meetings with their insurer partners, saving time on new business discussions. It gives us time to focus on building relationships with insurers who want to work with us based on our business. It's not a question of why you should get on board, more a question of why wouldn't you?
Mike Connor, Director, Affinitive Insurance Brokers
We’re delighted to be partnering with Broker Insights who will play a key part in identifying brokers and risks where our appetite and expertise align.  This will play a crucial role in helping us achieve our growth ambitions and our brokers and customers will quickly see the benefits.
John Dawson, Broker Sales Director, Markel UK
We've been engaging with the platform for just over a month now and have already seen the benefits.  Within the first week, QBE had registered some interest in one of our large fleet clients, which resulted in us corresponding with the underwriter.  Before the engagement with Broker Insights, QBE would not have been one of the insurers we were in contact with.  We are looking forward to working with the partner insurers and providing even more added benefit to our clients.
Oliver Leyens, Director, Heath Crawford
The policy placement dashboard has helped us see how our property owners account looks.  This was something we didn’t have a clear and simple view of before we used Broker Insights and it has really helped us to deliver great customer outcomes, quickly and easily.
Pinder Dhaliwal, Managing Director, Falcon Insurance
We were the first insurer to see the potential in the Broker Insights business model, platform and team back in 2018 and since then we have been on a journey to embed the capability across our business. Broker Insights have worked closely with our Sales and Distribution teams to develop the platform and deliver more insights on the commercial broker market. We are delighted to sign a new multi-year agreement which enables us to further build on the opportunities and realise the full potential our partnership.
Managing Director, Broker Channel, Hiscox UK

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