Empowering Brokers and Insurers through data-driven decision-making.
Join our Vision for a stronger future in commercial insurance.

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About us

Data is revolutionizing the commercial insurance industry

About Us

Transforming the commercial insurance industry using data

Data is revolutionizing the commercial insurance industry

Our vision

At Broker Insights, it’s our vision to empower the commercial insurance industry through data-driven decision-making.

With an unrivalled data platform, our customers will efficiently explore, simulate and act on unique insights to measurably improve performance.​

When brokers and insurers have stronger relationships, everybody wins – the broker, the insurer and the customer. This drives product and service improvement and innovation. And it enables businesses to focus on what they do best.

Broker Insights launched in the US in 2023 after working with brokers and their insurer partners to tailor the offering to the US marketplace.

Visionary founders

Broker Insights was founded in 2018 by leaders in commercial insurance and is backed by experienced tech entrepreneurs.

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Our values

Our values are the fundamental principles that define Broker Insights. Not only do our values shape our decisions and our team interactions but they are at the core of our interactions with brokers and insurers.

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Bring it on

and do what has the biggest impact for our customers

Think team

everyone brings something to our success

See things differently

and innovate

Build relationships

for and with our partners and each other

Our journey

Company founded


Solution launched

Brokers, Insurers and MGAs onboarded


Series A Funding

Accelerated UK growth and developed US market


Incorporated Broker Insights Inc. US


US expansion

30% UK market share

and 50+ global staff